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Philosophy of Education


         Although knowledge of individual subjects such as math, science, and various other subjects taught at school are essential for a child to achieve an education, and are also essential for the preparation of adulthood, I fell that a child’s education should emphasize the development of the child’s self.  Through education, the student should learn to make those decisions that will be required of them as a mature adult.  Thus I would hope that education for my students would be a process of thinking, reasoning, and coping emotionally with daily stressors.  Schools, above all, should develop students’ abilities to think deeply, analytically, and creatively; this is more important than developing their social skills or providing them with a useful body of knowledge about our ever-changing world.  The purpose of school is to help students understand themselves and find the meaning of their existence.   

         I believe that students learn best by engaging in real-world activities.  Schools should prepare students for analyzing and solving the types of problems they will face outside the classroom.  The curriculum should be built around the personal experience and needs of the students.  Most importantly, schools must place more emphasis on teaching about diversity and multiculturalism

         I fell that students learn effectively through social interaction, therefore, schools should plan for substantial social interaction in their curricula.  I also believe that students learn best through reinforcement, rather than punishment.