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Brief Biography


Hello everyone!  My name is Amber Finan.  I am a special education teacher and I love what I do!  Read on - and discover how I made it this far.

My father, Michael Finan, married my mother, Tammy Frantz, on October 4, 1980.  They attended the same high school and both graduated from the class of 1979 at the Sullivan County High School, in Laporte, Pa.  My father entered the Air Force, and him and my mother moved to Rome, New York to live on the Griffiss Air Force Base while my father was in the military.    


I was born in Rome, NY, on March 26, 1981. Next came the arrival of my brother, Vincent, on August 18, 1983.  My family, now a total of four people, lived in New York for the remainder of my father's military career.

About four years later we moved back to my parent’s hometown, Sullivan County, Pa.  Sullivan County is located in Northeastern, Pennsylvania, nestled in the Endless Mountains.  With only one red light and 14 people per square, Sullivan County is a small, bright community, perfect to raise a family in.

My parents bought a cute, tan, ranch-style house on Carpenter Street in Dushore.  It was at this house that I learned to ride a bike, waited at my first bus stop, made my first best friend, and began to torment my younger brother.  We had a large back yard and a full basement to play in.  Friends were within minutes away.  We had cable TV and a grocery store just down the street!  It was the best house to grow up in.

In 1990, my parents began plans to build their dream home.  This home was to be away from traffic and neighbors, but close to 4-wheelers and wildlife.  With this new home, my brother and I had to change schools (there are two elementary schools and one high school in Sullivan County). We had to change elementary schools and make new friends.  I was in the 5th grade and he was in the 2nd grade.  Our parents assured us that we would be reunited with our old friends once we reached high school (both elementary schools will go to the one high school in 7th grade).  However, Vinny and I were not so sure.


My parents were right.  My brother and I made friends and began to become accustomed to our house in the boondocks (Nordmont, Pa). We could finally get a dog, my brother was able to get 4-wheeller and such, while I was able to get a HORSE!  I joined the Horse and Pony 4-H Club in 6th grade and soon got my first horse, Lucky.  My father put up fencing and a stall, and I was soon in business.  However, one horse, everyone knows, is not enough.  We brought Mr. Peabody about 3 years later.  Mr. Peabody became my pride and joy.  I took riding lessons, we bought a horse trailer, and soon I was ready for my first horse show.    

4-H Districts

At the 4-H District Horse Show in 1996, our hard work had finally paid off.  I won 1st place in the Sr. English Grooming & Showmanship, and received two 2nd places finishes in Sr. English Equitation and Sr. English Under Saddle.  I was ecstatic!  Placing at Districts was a very hard thing to do.  The 1st place finish sent me on to the 4-H State Horse Show in Harrisburg at the Farm Show Complex.  There I went on to place 6th in Sr. English Grooming & Showmanship!  I never dreamed of making it to States, let alone a placing there.  Peabody now is retired at my uncle's farm in Forskville, Pa.  I wonder if Peabody misses showing and winning as much as I do?    

1999 SCHS Graduation

On June 6, 1999, I graduated from Sullivan County High School.  It was the best feeling in the world!  My plans for the future were to attend Mansfield University in the Fall and major in Special Education.  The town of Mansfield is similar to Sullivan County in that they are both small.  I have grown to love Mansfield and am proud to say that I went there.  

Kohl, Germany

The summer before I was going to enter college, my Aunt took me to Germany.  We spent 7 days in Germany and 3 in Holland. It was very exciting.  I had never flown in an airplane; especially, I had never even left the county.  We went with friends, one of which was getting married in Germany.  The wedding was at an extraordinary castle called Burghotel Colmberg over looking the town of Colmburg.  It was truly a magnificent experience. 

During the summer between my junior and senior year at Mansfield University, my best friend and I studied abroad in Cork, Ireland.  While attending University College Cork we attained 3 credits in Irish history and 3 credits in Irish Literature.  It was hard to stay focused on writing papers and studying for exams while being in such an astonishing place.  I will forever treasure this experience and am grateful that I had the opportunity to do so!

On May 5, 2003, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mansfield University with BSE and a dual certification in Elementary and Special Education.  It was a bitter-sweet day, filled with emotions of sadness, excitement, joy, and fear.  For the past four years I was comfortable and happy with my friends in little olMansfield.  However, I was ready to start my life of teaching – excited to hopefully find a teaching job.