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††††††††††† I want to teach because I want to influence, inform, and facilitate learning and understanding in and out of the classroom. I want plant the seed of success in children. Today's children only know how to succeed or fail.Therefore, I want to teach children how to question and investigate so they will know and understand how they succeeded or why they failed.



I want to become the type of teacher that challenges children.I donít want teaching to become a monotonous routine that is under stimulating for my students or myself.I want to give my students freedom to explore learning while giving them structured problems that challenge them.Children cannot grow without being challenged.I want to be a teacher that constantly reaches and promotes high achievement in both my students and myself.I want to be pushed to do my best and then be able to reflect on how I got there.I want to maintain my strong motivation to succeed and my rigid self-discipline.

††††††††††† I envision myself being a risk taker and tying new teaching strategies and activities.Successful teaching requires a certain amount of risk. If I want to grow as a teacher, I also have to take personal risks.Facing challenges in teaching helps me to define my strengths and to continue to work on my weaknesses.


I believe that knowledge of individual subjects such as math, science, history, and English are essential for a child to achieve an outstanding education and are also essential for the preparation of adulthood.However, it is also important that a childís education emphasize the development of the childís self.Through education, the student should learn how to make those decisions that will be required of them as a mature adult.Thus, I would hope that education for my students would be a process of thinking, reasoning, and coping emotionally with daily activities.Schools, above all, should develop studentsí abilities to think deeply, analytically, and creatively.It is important to develop studentís social skills and provide them with a useful body of knowledge about our ever-changing world.The purpose of school is to help students understand themselves, while growing in their academic skills.†††

††††††††††† I believe that students learn best by engaging in activities that familiarize them with the real world.Schools should prepare students for analyzing and solving the types of problems they will face outside the classroom.The curriculum should be built around the personal experience and needs of the students.Most importantly, schools must place more emphasis on teaching about diversity and multiculturalism.